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Lilith Interview Just Posted:
July 15, 2019


"Jewish Blues Musician Elly Wininger Proves It’s Never Too Late"



Adelphi Records Here I Come!
May 11, 2019

Excited to announce that I am now an Adelphi recording artist.

Adelphi Records is a venerable label that I am proud to be associated with.

They are supporting me as an artist and will release my next album.


Ashokan Center Family Camp
December 16, 2018

I am happy to be joining the staff for the Ashokan Center's Family Camp this summer! For a week in August we'll be singing, playing and dancing at this beautiful campus in the Catskills. More info soon at

Woodstock Ecology "Voice & Vision"
December 16, 2018

I have been named the "Artistic  Director" for this exciting new initiative that will use the arts as a way of informing, inspiring, and motivating action in the environmental movement. Much needed, don't you think? If you have written or know of a song that fits this bill, please contact me!

Finalist- Capital Region Blues Network Blues Challenge!
August 16, 2018

Thanks to the folks at the Capital Region Blues Network for choosing me as a Finalist in their annual Blues Challenge. I'll be joining the other three Finalists for the finals at Caffe Lena on Sunday, Sept. 9th. Fingers crossed-- oh no, wait, I couldn't play like that! See my calendar for details.

New Review for "Little Red Wagon"
March 12, 2018

        I thought I'd spend time on the last snow day "catching up on my listening," so I broke out some of the CDs that were on my "to hear" list. I won't claim to have gotten that far--partly because (as is my wont) I started playing the same one or two almost obsessively. Anyway one of the day's favorites (and STILL in heavy rotation) was Elly Wininger's most recent record, LITTLE RED WAGON--which, contrary to the old saying, scarcely needs any "fixing". Elly was inducted into the NYS Blues Hall of Fame a few years back, and deservedly so. But like so many other favorites of mine (including, say, Bonnie Raitt and Tracy Nelson), she is not limited to any one genre. As her self-penned liner notes indicate: "LITTLE RED WAGON" is my interpretation and integration of the country blues, folk, a bit of Cajun, a touch of country, some R&B spice..." And I'd add some beautiful balladeering. I dare anyone to listen to her gorgeous and very moving, "For Fred" (which when I first heard her perform it live, I assumed was called "Thank You For Getting Me To Dance") and NOT choke up at least a little. Beautifully produced and packaged, with an extensively detailed booklet of lyrics, photos and notes, and featuring an array of talented musicians accompanying her (including back-up vocals by her fellow "Cupcakes," Janice Hardgrove Kollar and Lyndon Hardy, and THAT's a blend I'm always all too glad to hear). Too early in the year to announce my album of the year, but this will be in my Top 10 fer sher.

~Gregory Callahan, Music Curator, Hyde Park Library




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