Album Production

Are you ready for a fresh outlook on your next CD? Or maybe you are ready to graduate from demo / home recordings. I will work with you to produce a broadcast quality album that you will be proud to share, and that will broaden your opportunities as an artist.

"Soup to Nuts" process includes

  • A & R:
    I will work with you to identify your strongest material. Spiff up lyrics, arrangements, keys, tempos.
  • Production Co-ordination:
    We'll collaborate to create an overall sound that supports your songs. Decide what additional instruments to use. Work out a budget that you are comfortable with. Develop a time-line for completion.
  • Vocal Coaching:
    Studio techniques vary greatly from live performance techniques. Seasoned recording artists may not need this, but in my experience, everyone can grow and improve.
  • Recording / Editing / Mixing / Mastering:
    I have relationships with top tier musicians, studios, engineers, and mastering facilities that I trust. Or we can explore your preferences. I will be in the studio with you to make sure that you sound your best and that you get what you want.
  • CD Design:
    If you want a physical product, I will direct you to design professionals or work with your choices to assure that you have a visually compelling product that will stand up to the requirements of web based promotion as well as direct sales.

Contact me for Inquiries and Samples