Songwriters' Rodeo
Group or Individual

Join award-winning songwriter Elly Wininger for a one-day workshop focused on the craft of songwriting. Explore the creative process in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Elements of songwriting covered include lyrics, structure, rhythm, melody and presentation.
All levels welcome: professional and non-professional.

Actual Comments from past participants:

"That was such a fun day! I got so much out of the collaborative process and supportive environment. It is definitely a workshop well spent."

"I thought it was a really good session, that everyone came away with valuable ideas. I know I did."

"... perfectly run, everyone's contributions were refreshing and valuable, at least to me, so I thought it was quite effective."

"So inspired by the workshop. It was great to have feedback, support and great to hear my song jammed on."

"It was a very worthwhile workshop. I had fun and got good ideas and crits."

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Performance Coaching
Individual or Small Groups

How do you come across on stage? (Hint: Do not believe your friends.) Good songs and playing chops are not enough to truly connect and communicate with your audience. Many performers are actually shy. I will work with you to feel totally comfortable and confident on stage while making the most powerful impact possible. Be memorable! This workshop is great fun in groups.

"I want to thank you again for your wonderful direction... I can't tell you the difference it is making! I played a House Concert in Rhinebeck last night and I feel it was my best show ever. I can't say too much about this change! It's huge! Very blessed to have you."

– Don Sparks, Performing Songwriter

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Our Song
Group Songwriting for Young People of All Abilities

Children should be seen and heard! We will write a song together as a group while getting tips on writing one yourself. This is a musical and a community building experience that gives young people a chance to send a message to the world. No experience necessary. No instruments required. Each participant will receive a recording of their song. Adults will be invited to the last 15 minutes of the workshop to hear the new song, or better yet, if I am giving a concert, I will invite the kids up on stage with me to perform their song. A great way to get the community involved in the arts.

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Guitar Workshops Group or Individual

Beginning Guitar For Young People (Ages 8-12)
90 minutes

It seems that everyone wants to play the guitar. And why not? It.s fun! This workshop introduces young beginners to some of the basics. By the end of the class, everyone will be able to play at least one song, and probably 2 or 3, as well as know what to practice should they want to continue playing. Each participant must bring a guitar.

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Beginning Guitar For Teens and Adults (Ages 13 and Up)
90 minutes

An introduction to the acoustic guitar designed to get everyone playing a few songs by the end of the session and provide a road map for continuing. No previous playing experience required or desired. Each participant must bring a guitar. Clip your nails (left hand) before the class and get a digital tuner and tune up!

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Intermediate Guitar: American Styles
90 minutes

For the guitar player who wants to expand his or her technique to include finger picking, blues, and chords beyond the first three frets. Knowledge of basic chording and strumming required. Each participant must bring a guitar.

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Country Blues Guitar
90 minutes

Country Blues (aka Folk Blues) is the all acoustic guitar-driven blues of the rural south of the 20.s and 30s. Many of the songs formed the basis for later styles such as Chicago Blues and Rock and Roll, and were taken up and interpreted by artists such as B.B. King, Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, and the Rolling Stones.

In this hands-on instructional workshop, basic Blues moves will be taught (hammer-ons, pull-offs, chokes, bends) through the music of Lightning Hopkins, Skip James, and others. Several different styles from different regions will be explored as Elly (a member of the NY Blues Hall of Fame) will provide the basic techniques and specific sequences for at least 2-3 songs as time and skill levels allow. Modified adaptations for beginners will be provided, as well as more complex finger style versions for intermediate to advanced payers. Basic knowledge of chords and strumming recommended.

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