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Alabama Blues

Elly Wininger 'Back Eddy Blues' Live

Elly Wininger performs her original song "Back Eddy Blues" live at Green Kill, Kingston NY June 2019.

Elly Wininger Leavin' Blues Live

Elly Wininger performs her version of traditional "Leavin' Blues" on slide guitar. Recorded live at Green Kill, Kingston NY. June 2019.

"January 6th"

Some of us saw it coming
Some of us looked the other way
Some of us thought this could never happen
Not here in the USA.
No matter what you believe in
No matter where you stand
You're gonna remember
Just where you were
And what you were doing
When the sh*t hit the fan.

Once a lie gets rolling
Like a snowball down a hill
Picking up dirt, picking up speed
Keeps on rolling until
Some people start to believe it
Just 'cause they wish it were true
With alternate facts 
They make their attacks and their plans
And the sh*t hits the fan.

Just takes one schemer who knows how
To spread hate and lies though a crowd.

We gotta keep our eyes open
We gotta call it out
When you hear somebody echoing lies
Don't let them gain any ground.
Cause one lie leads to another
We've seen how it can
And before you know, that lie's gonna grow
And that's when
The sh*t hits the fan.
Little Red Wagon

Produced by Zak Cedarholm

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