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Thank you, Sandrolin Koppel
March 25, 2022

"So sick of 'best of women guitar players' lists-- Then they show gals with great cleavage and shredding guitars fast soulless noise… yay … yippee .. fast fingers ….Again .. if you have not heard me .. (you do now … )
Talent ranked on gender lists … imho is garbage in garbage out…
That being said. ..Elly was trained from early teen years by a NYC male star … testosterone on a stage but he was/ is good ..
And I have seen Elly on stages with testosterone shredder guys who couldn’t keep up with Elly’s prowess and wonderful improvisations .
Yup …. she was handed one of their electric snazzy geetar machines and on the cuff …flew …but with amazing craft that made music."
~Sandolin Koppel (Adelphi Records)


The Awesomeness Continues!
January 24, 2022

All 13 tracks from "The Blues Never End" are in the top 24 songs on the Roots Music Report for the week ending 1/22/2022!!

2021 Re-Cap
January 9, 2022

             For all its difficulties, 2021 was an AMAZING year for me. The highlight of course being the release of "The Blues Never End" on Earwig Music.  Here's a summary of the Roots Music Reports for the 15 weeks from the release in September to the end of 2021:

Acoustic Blues Album: 4 weeks at #1; All 15 weeks in the top 6

New York Album: 2 weeks at #1, 3 weeks at #2, All 15 weeks in the top 9

Blues Album (All types): All 15 weeks in the top 48

ALL of the tracks spent weeks on the Top Songs Chart.

Additional spins on Folk Radio, College Radio and lots of stations that don't report. 

Thank you to ALL of the DJs from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Croatia, Macedonia, and any others.


Single "January 6th" Released!
December 28, 2021

 Can you believe it has been a year since the stunning events of January 6th, 2021, at the US Capital? The effects of these events are still present and evolving, as facts about this day come to light. The fate of democracy itself hangs in the balance of the current investigation.This is why I wrote the song "January 6th" and took the trouble to produce it during the height of the Covid pandemic. 

This song is my attempt to inspire people to be vigilant in recognizing and opposing, lies, 'alternative truths,' and hate-based actions of any kind.




Roots Music Reports for "The Blues Never End"
October 11, 2021

For the Week Ending October 9th, 2021:

#1 Album: Acoustic Blues (Third week!)

#1 Acoustic Blues Song (As the Crow Flies)
#10 Blues Album (Only Acoustic Blues in top 30)
#1 NY Album
4 songs in the top 20: NY Songs Chart

#1 on Roots Music Report!
September 27, 2021

Happy Dance time!
Roots Music Reports For the week of 9/25:
#1 Acoustic Blues Album: "The Blues Never End"
#1 Acoustic Blues Song: "Let That Liar Alone" plus 10 other songs from the album in the top 33
#20 Blues Album: The only Acoustic Blues in the top 20.



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